Guide for Cable Stereo Wiring BMW 5 Series E-39

stereo wiring diagram bmw e-39

Here the guide for audio stereo wiring your BMW E-39. Use only positive (+) speaker wires.Tape off negative (-) speaker wires. Connect “+” speaker wires to RCA center pin conductors. Tie shields (audio return) together and ground to case of radio at back of radio. Repeat for 4 channel system. Since the BMW head unit is common ground, all you have to do is put RCA ends on the twisted pairs and plug directly into the amplifier. Also supplied at the stock amplifier you will find constant +12VDC and a ground referenced to the factory radio. +12VDC is red with a white stripe and ground is solid brown. These wires are a good power source for preamp components. For full guidelines, you can find it here.

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