G-8000 transceiver Schematic Diagram of the Internal Circuitry System

This is G-8000 transistor receiver / transceiver device that is manufactured by Sansui to provide excellent radio performance for long term application. This analog display transceiver has FM frequency range of 88-108 MHz and AM frequency range of 530-1,605 KHz. Some people are confused to find right schematic diagram that will be very helpful during the transceiver maintenance process. Here is G-8000 transceiver schematic diagram that will describe the components of this device and the connection of each part to provide easy understandable guidance for transceiver reparation. G-8000 transceiver schematic diagram describes the front end circuitry system of this device and FM-AM interface with mpx demodulator circuit layout. G-8000 transceiver schematic diagram is consisting of turn meter, signal meter and others supporting components of the circuit system to provide excellent information for the technician and avoid electrical malfunction.

see G-8000 transceiver schematic diagram here

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