Ford Tractor Electric Diagram for 1953-1962 Diesel Engine Tractors

This electric diagram is dedicated for all diesel 1953-1962 Ford tractors that utilize a twelve-volt ground electrical system. Diesel powered Ford tractors are powered by 12V battery which converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The electrical system is divided into 3 which are starting system, charging system, and the ignition system. Here is Ford tractor electric diagram which consists of fuel gauge, connectors, headlight, relay cable battery, generator, starter motor relay, starter motor, starter switch, generator warning light, ignition lock, terminal block, tail light, fuses, regulator, trailer disconnect, fuel gauge sender, two way terminal disconnect, 12V negative ground battery. Ford tractor electric diagram described here, has color information for the ease of maintenance process. The black wire indicates the connection of negative voltage from battery to starter motor and the red wire shows the positive voltage connection from battery to starter motor relay. Ford tractor electric diagram here is dedicated only for the diesel engine series that utilize 12V battery.

see 1953 Ford tractor electric diagram here

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