Ford F Truck Wiring Diagram of Electric Brake Control System

Ford F truck is full-size pickup truck manufactured by Ford motor company with excellent performance for heavy duty application. This truck is very popular is Europe and USA market which is sold for over six decades. The 1990 Ford F truck is equipped with 7.5L V8 engine that is able to produce 230 power output and 390lb-ft maximum torque performance. Since it is used in heavy terrain, Ford F truck is completed with electronic braking system technology for optimal safety during the vehicle operation. Here is Ford F truck wiring diagram of electronic brake control system to provide comprehensive guidance during the vehicle maintenance process. This wiring diagram describes the electronic brake system components and the connection of them which is powered by 12V battery. Ford F truck wiring diagram also consists of the information on wire color used in the diagram to provide electrical system malfunction or short circuitry problem. Ford F truck wiring diagram is consisting of trailer connector, 12v battery, brake control, wire tap, stop light switch, white wire, black wire, butt connectors, blue wire, etc. It is important to notice that this electrical brake control system is only for 1989-1991 ford F or E series with anti-lock brakes. During the maintenance process, the wires connection should be based on this configuration and make sure the wires are correctly installed to prevent brake control damage.

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