Ford Bronco II Electric Diagram of Shift Control System

This is 1989 Ford Bronco II a compact SUV car which is manufactured by Ford Motor Company as the smaller version of Ford Bronco on the previous version. This car is equipped with 2.3L turbo diesel engine I4 to produce 86hp power output. The electrical system of this vehicle is potentially damaged by the everyday application in heavy duty terrain and extreme weather use. Thus we should know the correct maintenance information of Ford Bronco II electrical system. Here we have Ford Bronco II electric diagram which describes the electric shift control system of this SUV to provide reliable information during maintenance process. Ford Bronco II electric diagram has complete information on internal components of vehicle shift control system with voltage direction from the power distribution box channeled to other components through wires. Ford Bronco II electric diagram is consisting of power distribution box, ignition switch, automatic transmission electric system, manual transmission shift, clutch triple function switch jumper, electronic engine control, back up/neutral safety switch, starting system, and transfer case assembly which consists of: speed sensor, shift motor, magnetic clutch coil. This electric shift control system diagram is dedicated only to Ford Bronco II and may not suitable for previous version of this vehicle.

see Ford Bronco II electric diagram here

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