Fog Light Wiring Schematic Mustang 2005-2007 V6

To provide fog light installation for your 2005-2007 V6 Mustang, here the complete mustang fog light wiring diagrams electric system. Use 5 amp fuse and battery, fog light cut-out relay connected to headlight switch and BEC high beam. Before you start to install, make sure battery disconnected. Find the white wire in the wiring harness coming out of the BEC that goes to the right side headlight on the high beam side. Take the yellow wire from the new fog light wiring harness and tap it into the white wiring coming from the BEC. After installed, don’t forget to check fog light performing. The wiring diagram come in black white scheme. But don’t worry, the colors are marked. Here is the mustang 2005-2007 fog light wiring diagram. source:

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