Fiat Strada Wiring Diagram Using SMT Fuel Plus Ignition

Strada is a compact pick-up truck which is produced by Fiat and designed with 2-door body style. This vehicle is dedicated to provide reliable performance for business and light duty industrial application. It comes in optional petrol and diesel engine with 5-speed manual transmission for optimal acceleration and engine performance during the vehicle application. Here is Fiat Strada wiring diagram using SMT fuel plus ignition and narrowband. Fiat Strada wiring diagram is consisting of ECU connector information with comprehensive image description to provide simple readability configuration. It is also describing wiring connection for fuel with complete components connection information. Fiat Strada wiring diagram is consisting of ECU 20, ECU 1, ECU 49, ECU 62, ECU 68, ECU 54, ECU 22, SMT ½, SMT 6/12, SMT 11/12, SMT 5/10, SMT 9/14, SMT 8/14, SMT10/10, NB Lambda, crank +, crank -, SMT 2/14, SMT 1/14, SMT 5/12, etc. It is very important to notice that this fiat strada wiring diagram is may not suitable for other variant of Fiat vehicle, and please read the instruction on the configuration carefully.

see Fiat Strada Wiring Diagram here

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