Ferret MK 2 British Armored Car Cable Wiring Diagram

Ferret armored car is a British armored fighting vehicle that was produced during 1952-a971 by Daimler. This car was built from an all-welded monocoque steel body to provide superior durability and bullet prevention during the application. This scout vehicle was also equipped with larger fighting compartment and optional small machine gun garret which was ideal for war application. Not only that, Ferret was also supported with six grenade launchers fitted to the hull and could carry smoke grenades. Here is the cable wiring diagram of Ferret armored car that consists of generator, instrument panel, stop switch relay, engagement solenoid, inspection socket, radio junction, batteries, stop switch, switch board, smoke discharger, oil pressure switch, thermometer bulb, fuel gauge tank unit, etc.

see the cable wiring diagram of Ferret armored car here

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