Ferguson TEA20 Tractor Wiring Electrical Diagram

wiring diagram tractor ferguson TEA20

This is tractor wiring diagram. The tractor wired here is Ferguson TEA20 Tractor. The wiring is colorful. The wiring diagram begin from its generator to relay LUCAS, charge indicator 12V incandescent, Ignition key switch, fuse 17A to supply to lights switch, and more. Auxiliary equipment such as headlights, taillights, reversing/work-lamp, horn etc. are not shown, but would be wired as for negative earth, between chassis/battery +ve terminal (earth) and either starter switch -ve input (independent of ignition key), or via a relay fed from starter switch -ve terminal but switched via output of ignition key switch (dependent on ignition switch). Original TEA horn button has one terminal which is shorted to switch chassis and ground when pressed, therefore to use this button the horn must be permanently fed with 12v and grounded via the switch. Remember that the tractor is positive ground! For modern single pole button with isolated terminals feed live to one horn terminal via switch and ground the other horn terminal. Full ferguson tractor wiring diagram here.

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  1. Cathal Reihill says:

    Have you a wiring diagram for a T20 diesel tractor? It is some what different from the petrol version. Thanks Cathal

  2. Cathal Reihill says:

    I need a wiring diagram for a TEF 20 diesel ferguson tractor can you help?

  3. Dean Mesecar says:

    I need wiring diagram for ford tractor 5000 diesel from ignition all the way up to voltage regulator and generator.

  4. Robert De Young says:

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1949 Ferguson TO 20 six volt system

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