Ferguson 3257 Cassette Deck Complete Wiring Diagram

Manufactured by Ferguson 3257 stereo cassette recorder was introduced in audio market in the early 1970’s and completed with latest technology. Ferguson 3257 was designed with 2 head configuration design and mechanical tape loading with capstan belt drive to create optimal audio performance. With its mechanical transport control operation Ferguson 3257 was little bit conventional rather than other recorder product that was sold, but still it created some contribution on stereo cassette recorder development. Here is Ferguson 3257 cassette deck complete wiring diagram that consists of AF pre-amplifier, LH channel, recording level DC amp, audio driver, complementary push-pull output stage, supply rectifier, complementary push-pull oscillator, audio driver, record monitor socket, motor control circuit, recording level DC amp, rh channel, record playback head, etc.

see Ferguson 3257 cassette deck complete wiring diagram here

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