Farmall H Schematic Diagram with Complete Electrical System Information

Farmall H tractor was manufactured by International Harvester and sold during 1953-1954 with excellent performance and superior durability. This tractor was equipped with 350cc gasoline 4 cylinders C164 engine which was powerful. Here is Farmall H schematic diagram which consists of electrical system of the vehicle completed with image description to provide simple readability. Farmall H schematic diagram is also explains components name and additional wire gage legend information to prevent electrical mistaken during maintenance. Farmall H schematic diagram also describes voltage direction from the battery to all components on Farmall electrical system. Farmall H schematic diagram is consisting of ammeter, 4-position light switch, starter, battery, ignition switch, generator, magneto, circuit relay, field resistor, starter switch, etc. Make sure the all components are installed correctly based on the instruction to avoid system malfunction.

see Farmall H tractor schematic diagram here

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