Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutch for Better Acceleration and Optimal Overload Protection for Go-Karts from Hilliard

Some people are confused to find best quality spare parts for their go-karts which are able to produce better performance and increase the acceleration response. Manufactured by Hilliard, this extreme duty clutch shoe is perfect to be applied on go-karts or youth-model snowmobiles with excellent performance. It is able to absorb the heat without damaging the clutch springs with its thermodynamically designed clutch shoe and provides longer service life. This product provides optimal overload protection and will not damage other parts in sprocket especially with its integral key design and Bi-directional operation to create easy installation process. Suitable for #40 and #41 chain types with ¾ (in) bore diameter and ¾ x 10 tooth, this product brings better acceleration on its application and offers load-free starting that is important in go-karts race. Compatible to 8HP engines, this product creates engagement speed up to 2,300 RPM that is sensational.

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