ETC Block Diagram of CCD Control Electronics System

The explosive transient camera (ETC) is a high technology sky monitor camera that is developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to detect short-timescale celestial optical flashes. This wide sky monitor camera is a completely automatic instrument which executes its observing program year-round with minimal human intervention.ETC block diagram describes the connection of supporting components of ETC CCD control electronics system. It is completed with parts positioning and installation guidance that is very useful. ETC block diagram is consisting of COSMAC+memory, RS-232 interface, house keeping, CCD camera, CCD clock driver, analog signal processor, HSPL transmitter, digital analog converters, sequencer, CCD clock timing signal, Cosmac digital bus. It can be seen on the diagram that the clocking voltages of each CCD are supplied by dedicated digital-to-analog converters, and the clock timing for eight CCDs is supplied by single programmable sequencer. It is not recommended to do modification on the CCD electronic system to avoid electrical mistakes on the whole system.

see ETC CCD control electronics system block diagram here

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