Engine Control Unit S60 Car and Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

This is example ECU or Engine control unit wiring diagram for your car. In this example, S60 Ecu from DTA applied. This ECU car wiring diagrams need firmware V49.00 and higher. 30 Amp Fuse MUST be Fitted. The fuse is important thing in this ECU wiring diagram. The fuse protects the ECU in the case of severe errors in the wiring (12V to Sensor GND for instance). With it you cannot damage the ECU, without it you can. But, anyway, the choice is yours.

ecu wiring diagram power engine connection

For Cam and Crank Connections, 2 inputs are provided for each of these sensors to accommodate differing types. Only one of each must be used at any one time. Some OEM Hall Effect sensors require 12V supply. This will cause no problem to the ECU. Several cars and motorcycles with its characteristic explained, such as special connection for Nissan, Honda K20A, Honda F20C (S2000), Honda B16 & B18 Distributor, Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5 & K6, Rover 1800 K VVC Loom to S60, Honda CBR600 F4i Sequential, Suzuki Hayabusa, Air Conditioner Connections, BMW Mini (Chrysler Engine). You can look the diagram here.


  1. jorge cadena alcudia says

    Estimado sres tengo una computadora de Ford Diesel Mod 96 y quisiera saber si me pueden enviar el diagrama esquematico de la ECU: tiene quemados unos transistores y no aparecen en ninguna guia de partes que yo conozca, necesito saber que tipo son y su configuracion..gracias por anticipado

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