Engine 4A-GE 20V Wiring Diagram Schematic

Here Toyota Engine 4A-GE 20V wiring diagram. This engine wiring diagram can be used to install engine performance part of your car. This Toyota engine wiring diagram show the left fender wiring along with ECU connector and pin out. Blue wires schema is for starter wiring, pink for igniter wiring, red for interior power source, and green for 2 sensor wiring. Full 4A-GE 20V Wiring Diagram here.

4a-ge 20v toyota engine wiring diagram


  1. TQ says

    This was quite helpful.
    It would be really nice to have some more details on the ECU, and how to install the upgrade parts!!


  2. Philip de Jongh says

    Can you please send me the wiring diagram or the distributor connector pinout for the Toyota Corolla DX 93 with a 7AFE engine, it wont start and I cant get a spark on the spark plugs, the computer says it is all ok and the fuses are all ok, I need to do deeper troubleshooting, please help me, send manuals and tips to find the fault.

  3. Finstone says

    Can I have full testing points on all electricals my engine is just cranking and not starting(4a ge 20v engine)

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