Electrical Wiring Diagram of Suzuki GTR250 X7

This is Suzuki GT250 X7 that is also called as Suzuki X7 and was launched in Europe in 1978. This motorcycle is powered by 2-stroke twin 250cc engine and comes with 128 kg bike weighing that is able to produce optimal acceleration and performance. Suzuki X7 is able to produce 29 HP @8500 RPM and responsive acceleration even it will wheelie in 1st and 2nd gears with full throttle which is awesome. Here is wiring diagram of Suzuki GTR 250 X7 that is consist of ignition switch, passing switch, lighting switch, indicator switch, horn switch, CDI Unit, regulator, rectifier, DP switch, indicator relay, neutral switch, left front turn indicator, parking lamp, head lamp, right front turn indicator, engine kill switch, starter switch, right rear turn indicator, tail/stop lamp, left turn indicator, and flywheel generator.

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