Electrical Wiring Diagram of SAIP 24VDC Electric Thermostat

This is 24VDC electronic thermostat that is manufactured by Saip Electronic and supported with sophisticated technologies to provide excellent performance on temperature control. This product is completed with adjustable temperature setting to create optimal heating-cooling performance on house interior. This interior thermostat is integrated with low hysteresis technology to bring more precise switching point and setting accuracy. Supported with high DC breaking capacity, this product offers safety application and suitable for regulating high performance DC 28V equipment. Here is the electronic wiring diagram of 24VDC electronic thermostat that consists of ignition, neutral switch, heater, drive line, CTI,LHS crane, trailer lighting, gas particulate, 24 VDC aux, dual voltage regulator, arctic batteries, starter, stator, etc.

see the electronic wiring diagram of 24VDC electronic thermostat here

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