Electrical Wiring Diagram of Honda CL 72 250cc

This is Honda CL 72 that was designed by Honda Motor during 1962-1965 and equipped with 4-stroke 250cc engine capacity. This motorcycle was completed with rubber knee pads on its fuel tank and two pipes exhaust with baffles went over the gear box on the left side. It was integrated with 4-stroke OHC parallel twin with two carburetors to create optimal engine performance that was amazing. Honda CL 72 250cc was integrated with manual clutch 4-speed transmission and was massively used in desert racing events. Here is the electrical wiring diagram of Honda CL 72 that consists of fuse connector, fuse, ignition coil, condenser, stop switch, neutral switch, A.C. generator crank shaft, spark plug, battery, battery earth cable, contact breaker, horn, lighting switch, etc.
see the electrical wiring diagram of Honda CL 72 here

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