Electrical System Wiring Diagram of Dodge Power Wagon

Dodge power wagon is a four wheel drive pick-up truck which is produced during 1945 to 1980 and dedicated to provide excellent performance in various applications. The 1960s Dodge power wagon W300 is equipped with 251 inch cubic flat head six with 3,000 pounds maximum payloads. Here we have Dodge Powerwagon electrical system wiring diagram which explains the internal electrical system of this vehicle. This wiring diagram is dedicated to provide excellent guidance during the maintenance process since it explains the components exact positioning and the connection of them. Dodge power wagon electrical system wiring diagram is presented with colorized configuration and supported with cable color coding information. The cable color coding information is written in alphabetical symbol on the separated column for easy readability. It is consisting of temperature sending unit, ignition coil resistor, alternator/ regulator, starter, relay, battery, distributor, engine, brake sentinel light, high beam indicator light, stop lamp switches, fuel gauge, ammeter, ignition switch, ignition coil, high beam indicator, etc. It is very important to notice that Dodge electrical system wiring diagram is fixed, any modification on the configuration may cause electrical system malfunction.

see Dodge Power Wagon Electrical System Wiring Diagram here

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