Electric VW Passat 1993 Cooling Fan Wiring Diagram

Here is the wiring diagram of VW Passat year 1993. This wiring scheme shows us connection in cooling fan modules. The cooling fan module like T4/1 as power out to coolant fn V7 – hi speed, T8e/2 as input signal for MED speed coolant fan operation from F18 coolant fan control thermal switch and/or F129 A/C pressure switch. If you have troub;e with cooling fan of your VW Passat, use this wiring diagram to trace the errors. Here the full wiring diagram of passat.

For better understanding, here the wiring track, wire connectors, Welded wiring harness points, and ground connections:

Description and the current track:

Coolant circulation Pump, V50 current track:9

Coolant Fan, V7 current track: 5-7

Coolant FC (Fan Control) Control Module J293 current track:4-12

Coolant FC (Fan Control) Thermoswitch, F18 current track:1-3

Coolant FC (Fan Control) Thermoswitch, F87 current track:10

ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) Sensor, G2 current track:11

Third Speed Coolant Fan Control Thermoswitch, current track:F165 14

Wire Connectors

T-2 – double, behind relay panel

T-2n – double, behind relay panel

T-2p – double, behind relay panel

T-4 – four point, on Coolant FC (Fan Control) Control Module

T8e – eight point, on Coolant FC (Fan Control) Control Module

T28 – twenty-eight point, on Instrument Cluster

T42 – fourty-two point, on Cylinder Head, left

Welded wiring harness points

K21 – wire connection -1-, in coolant fan wiring harness

K28 – plus connection (15), in coolant fan wiring harness

Ground Connections

15 – ground connection, on cylinder-head

182 – ground connection -1-, in engine compartment wiring harness

193 – ground connection -1-, in coolant fan wiring harness

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