Electric Fan Radiator Mitsubishi Eclipse Wiring Diagram

electric fan wiring diagram mitsubishi eclipse

This is wiring diagram of electric fan radiator installation for Mitsubishi Eclipse. Model year include here is from 1995 until 1999. This Mitsubishi Eclipse wiring diagram follow with installation instruction. Using the bullet connectors provided, attach a length of the large diameter (12 GA) red wire to the red or white motor wires at fan. Attach a length of the large diameter (12 GA) black wire to the black motor wires at the fan. Once the fan is in place, these will attach to the control module. If mounting the control somewhere in the engine compartment, leave enough wire to reach the control module, but do not connect yet. Connect the motor wires to the control module using supplied female connectors (Red wire to the “M+” terminal and black wire to the “M-” terminal). Full wiring diagram and instruction here.

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