Electric Bike Parts Diagram with Comprehensive Image Description

This is Liberty electric bike with simple operation for everyday transportation use. This electric bike is designed to meet customer’s requirement on easy operated transportation unit with optimal energy efficiency during the application. This electric bike is equipped with 350 watt brushless motor and powered by 48v 10ah lead acid battery. It is very ideal for one rider and one passenger during their everyday activity with simple operation system. Here we have electric bike parts diagram which explains the complement parts of this transportation unit. The electric bike parts diagram is consisting of basket, brake, front fork, spoke, wheel rim, tires, front mudguard, pedal, hub brake, kickstands, wheel rim, spoke, motor, rear mudguard, toolbox, carrier, saddle, battery box, electric intelligent switch, speed-adjusting handle, meter, and battery box. This electric bike parts diagram is very useful during parts installation or replacement process. This diagram is presented with complete parts description and comprehensive image description to provide simple readability.

see Electric Bike Parts Diagram here

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