Electric Bicycle Circuit Diagram with Voltage Direction Information and Parts Positioning

This is ZAS electric bicycle which is manufactured by Luyuan Electric Vehicle Company with 200-250w motor power to produce 25km/h maximum speed performance. This electric bicycle is powered by batteries with 972wh capacity for 2 batteries and 612wh for 1 battery. Since this is electric powered bicycle then the most important part of this vehicle is the electrical system. This part should be controlled regularly to avoid electrical problem that will cause the overall performance of this bicycle. Here we have electric bicycle circuit diagram which consists of internal circuit system of this bicycle and the connection of each component. This electric bicycle circuit diagram shows the voltage direction from the charger to the battery that later will be directed to all component of the bicycle circuitry system. This circuit diagram is very significant to provide excellent maintenance process and guidance on the reparation to avoid electrical malfunction. Electric bicycle circuit diagram is consisting of charger, battery, power switch, emergency switch, left brake with power cut off, right brake with stopper, motor wire, controller, hall sensor, throttle, etc. It is important to notice that during the reparation, electrical circuitry system and parts positioning of electric bicycle should be based on this configuration to prevent short circuitry problem.

see electric bicycle circuit diagram here

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