ECU wiring Diagram of Nissan DR 30 Skyline RS 1987

DR30 Skline RS was manufactured by Nissan in October 1981 with only 2000 cars produced as limited edition run model. Due to the market demand’s Nissan re-produced DR30 Skyline RS on the following years and since that time Skyline became very popular in Japan and other countries. DR30 Skyline was powered by FJ20 engine that was originally produced by OGIKUBO factory in Japan, before Nissan bought this factory in 1965. DR30 Skyline was completed with 4 valve DOHC engine that was able to produce 150PS ans 18.5kg-m torque. In 1983 Nissan powered up the FJ20 by adding turbo-charging system and wastegate with Garret Air Research T03 turbine and was able to produce bigger power up to 190PS and 23.0kg-m torque. Just 1 year later Nissan add intercooler and boost pressure on DR 30 Skyline that increased the engine power to 205 PS and torque increased to 25.0kg-m. Here is the ECU wiring diagram of Nissan DR30 Skyline which shows the connection between Nissan Skyline Engine Control Unit system parts such as the water temperature ECU sensor, water temperature gauge sensor, knock sensor, low pressure switch, engine room harness, check connector, plug, air regulator, air flow meter, engine earth, crank angle sensor, injectors, EGI resistors, throttle position sensor, color codes, and many more.

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