ECU Wiring Diagram AE82 4AGE Corolla TwinCam 1986-1989

This is engine control unit (ECU) wiring diagram of classic sport car, Corolla twin cam AE82 4AGE engine 1.6L for the year 1986-1989. This black white AE824AGE engine wiring diagram ECU connector schematic. Parts wires connection such as comb. Meter, ignition switch, variable resistor, circuit opening relay, cold start injector time switch. Idle-up computer, engine main relay, speed sensor, alternator, etc. The wires color in code, such as B for black. Full AE82 4A-GE toyota engine wiring diagram here and second corolla twincam AE82 4A-GE ECU wiring diagram here.

toyota corolla 1.6l twincam wiring diagram ae824age

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  1. joseph butler says:

    Iam at the moment tring to fit a CD & A CASS/PLAYER in my daihatsu applause 1994 I would like to know how to put it in

  2. soto george says:

    problem with injector

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