Dry Electronic Injected Nitrous System for Greater Engine Performance with 75-100 Horsepower Gains from NOS

This is Dry Electronic Injected Nitrous System that is dedicated to create greater engine performance and bring satisfaction during driving activity, especially to those who are going to upgrade their car engine performance. Manufacture by NOS, this product allows the user to adjust power outputs to match available traction that are included in the package. This nitrous system innovatively can be activated at wide open throttle to provide effectiveness in gaining the car speed. This NOS dry electronic fuel injected system injects nitrous directly into the air intake to provide extra fuel necessary without affect the day-to-day driving or the fuel economy that is very efficient. This nitrous system is enable the OEM computer compensate for the extra fuel requirement on demand and able to maintain adequate flow during the application. Available in 12”H X 12”W X 32”L with 30 ponds weight this product is able to produce 75-100 horsepower gains which is spectacular.

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