Dodge Power Wagon 1960 WM300 Wiring Diagram Truck

Let’s begin restoration project with this is colorful wiring diagram of Dodge Power Wagon WM300 for model year 1960. This vintage Dodge truck wiring diagram is schematic wire diagram for WM300 body. This body wiring diagram will show you connection between engine to cab ground cable, ignition switch, back-up lamp, temperature gauge, brake sentinel switch, clearance lamp, headlamp terminal block, ammeter, fuel gauge, and more. The civilian-spec. Power Wagon made a name in forestry, where its off-road ruggedness made it the perfect platform for a fire tender. However, most were sold as pickups with an 8 x 4.5-foot box behind the narrow 1930-style cab, and placed atop a 126-in. wheelbase. The large 16 x 6.5-in. five-stud steel wheels more often than not wore heavily lugged tires that gave impressive ground clearance. On the other hand, the 230 cubic-inch flat-head inline six-cylinder engine had tons of torque, but only 94 horsepower. (It was enlarged to 251 cubic inches in 1961.) To compensate, the engineers fitted rear end ratios that ranged from the highway friendly 4.89:1 (good for about 50 mph maximum) or the pull-your-neighbor’s-house-off-its-foundation 5.83:1. Here Dodge Power Wagon 1960 WM300 Wiring Diagram.

1960 power wagon wm300 wiring schematic diagram

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