Day Time Running Lights Hummer Circuit Diagram

Here is Hummer circuit diagram for day time running lights. This wiring diagram uses the 30A Bosh or 40/30A relays. They can wired so that either your parking lights or your headlights will turn them off when you turn your lights on. A 5 amp fuse to terminal B for 2 bulb in your system would be also good to add in line. Suggested: Use 2 lengths of something like zipcord wire and connect to terminals C and E, and the other to terminal D and F. Then run both pairs to the wiring harness where you can get access to the turn signal wires. Cut the wire to the turn signal and connect one of the pair to the wires you just cut in the order required. Do the same for the other pair. Full day time running lights Hummer circuit diagram here.

hummer wiring diagram lights modification

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