Copicat Echo Wiring Diagram with Signal Input/Output Direction

This is Copicat Echo wiring diagram which provides image description on internal parts and circuitry system of Copicat Echo. Manufactured by Watkins electric music London, Copicat Echo audio tape unit is able to provide distinctive sound production that is very ideal for musicians. Copicat Echo wiring diagram describes voltage capacity with parts name to create excellent information that is required during maintenance process. Copicat Echo wiring diagram is consisting of preamplifier, signal mixing, record amplifier, bias oscillator, equalized replay amplifier, power supply, AC 50 cycles, record head, input jacks, ECC83, gain controls, sustain, 6SR3, selector switch, echo volume, motor. Copicat Echo wiring diagram also provides signal direction and signal input/output which is very helpful.
see Copicat Echo audio tape unit wiring diagram here

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