Compool LX220 Wiring Diagram with Complete Parts Description

Compool LX220 solar control system is manufactured by Pentair water pool and spa Inc. to create excellent water system for residential and commercial application. This solar control system is integrated with high technology that is truly designed to bring excellent performance and ideal water temperature on its application. Compool LX220 is integrated with solid-state micro electronic circuitry and adjustable thermostat which allows proper temperature sensors. Compool LX220 has the innovative pool cleaner protection to prevent any damage caused by air in the solar collectors at start-up. Here is Compool LX220 wiring diagram that consists of power relay, power panel, poll water sensor, attic temp sensor, power relay, manual pump on switch, timer, flow reversal valve, timer, leviton, PCS1 power, etc. Compool LX220 wiring diagram provides guidance for electrical system maintenance process. The Compool LX220 wiring diagram provides parts description with clear explanation about the whole electrical system.

see Compool LX220 wiring diagram here

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