Common Wiring Diagram of Refrigerator

Refrigerator is very useful to provide fresh-hygienic food condition by decreasing the production rate of bacteria. There are many new technologies offered by refrigerator manufacturers that are able to provide optimal performance as food storage with ideal temperature to keep the hygienic condition of the food. Refrigerator is integrated with freezer that operates around -18 degree C and is generally upright units resembling refrigerator, or chests (resembling upright units laid on their backs). Many upright modern freezers come with an ice dispenser built into their door. Here is the common wiring diagram of refrigerator that consists of alternator, starter, battery, clutch, fan drive, fuse, light, indicator, level fuel gauge, glow plug, starter solenoid relay, control relay, starter solenoid, continuous duty solenoid, ammeter, hourmeter, toggle switch, temperature control switch, defrost termination, etc.

see the common wiring diagram of refrigerator here

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