Commodore VK Wiring Diagram of the Electric Fuel Injection System

This is Holden Commodore VK wiring diagram of the vehicle electric fuel injection system which explains completed information on parts positioning complete with cable color information. This Commodore VK wiring diagram is dedicated to bring excellent guidance during the vehicle EFI system maintenance. It is completed with voltage direction information and the connection of each component on the EFI system to avoid wrong configuration. Holden Commodore VK is a mid-size city car which equipped with 1.9-3.3L engine capacity and V8, 5.0L engine to provide optimal satisfaction on driving experience. Commodore VK wiring diagram is consisting of fuse box connector, control relay, battery harness connector, battery, battery harness connector, control relay, body earth, A/C relays & harness connector, engine harness connector I, engine harness connector II, auxiliary air valve, air flow sensor, throttle valve switch, E.F.J temperature sensor, fuel pump, etc. Commodore VK wiring diagram also explains the cable sizes and cable core quantity on separated part of the diagram. This Commodore VK wiring diagram is fixed, any modification on the electrical configuration is not recommended.

see Commodore VK Wiring Diagram here

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