Cobra 25 LTD circuit diagram of Radio Internal Circuit System

Cobra 25 LTD is 40 channel CB radio which is designed for in-dash vehicle application. This device can be easily installed since it is completed with front panel microphone connector. It is equipped with innovative features such as instant Channel 9, PA capability, dimmer control, switchable noise blanker and RF gain. Here we have Cobra 25LTD circuit diagram which consists of the internal electrical system of this device with voltage capacity information and components serial number. This information is dedicated to prevent wrong electric configuration which may lead to short circuit problem. Cobra 25LTD circuit diagram is consisting of RF amplifier, mixer, IF amplifier, descriminator, 1050Hz tone decoder, beat mode control, Tx control, WX control, etc. This circuit diagram is completed with additional information on components voltage capacity and delay time explanation on separated part of the diagram. Cobra 25LTD circuit diagram is very useful during the device maintenance process as technical aid to avoid electrical failure.

see Cobra 25 LTD circuit diagram here

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