Cobra 18WXSTI circuit diagram of the Internal Electrical Components

This is Cobra 18WXSTI mobile CB radio with dual watch which simultaneously monitors 2 pre-selected channels while 10 weather channels receive immediate weather information 24 hours a day. The front-mounted speaker is designed to offer clear reception of incoming calls regardless of installation or ambient noise and electronic tuning provides quick, accurate tuning of all 40 CB channels. Here we have information on Cobra 18WXSTI circuit diagram which explains the internal electrical system of this device. This circuit diagram is presented with clear components positioning which is connected one to another through wires. Cobra 18WXSTI circuit diagram is consisting of TX final, TX driver, TX buffer, AGC control, WX VCO ADJ, IC 3 compander, sound track system, ANL section, squelch con, audio amplifier, scan det, volume, TX amc controller, DC power switch, AM VCO, etc. It also describes the voltage direction from one component to another with clear voltage capacity requires during the device operation. Cobra 18 WXSTI circuit diagram is fixed any modification on its electrical configuration may cause electrical problems such as short circuit or system malfunction.

see Cobra 18WXSTI circuit diagram here

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