Cobra 132XLR Schematic Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

Cobra 132 XLR is a solid state, citizens’ band, two-way, mobile radio manufactured by the Cobra Communications Product Group subdivision of Dynascan Corporation, circa 1977. This CB radio is equipped with 4 watts for the AM band, and up to 12 watts for the single-side band (SSB) power transmitter. The transmitter includes a display indicating transmitter activation, radio frequency output strength and modulation percentage. Here we have Cobra 132XLR schematic diagram which consists of the internal electrical system of this cb radio system. This schematic diagram is dedicated to provide excellent technical aid during Cobra 132XLR maintenance or reparation process. It provides components positioning and voltage capacity required during the device operation. Cobra 132XLR schematic diagram is consists of the internal electrical components of this device with signal direction information to prevent electrical configuration failure. Cobra 132XLR schematic diagram is fixed please read the instruction carefully before doing the reparation process, it is important to notice that all the resistors used are in ohm.

see Cobra 132XLR Schematic Diagram here

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