Circuit Diagram of 1979 Yamaha G-1 Golf Car

This is Yamaha G-1 golf car that was manufactured by Yamaha to provide functionality on golf-sport activity and was produced in 1979 with gas-2 stroke engine. This golf car was designed with steel tubular part and frame to provide interesting appearance. It was made with compact chassis design to provide easy movement and maneuver during its application. G1 yamaha golf car was also integrated with a dana/spicer rear transaxle to create optimal functionality and reliability. Here is the circuit diagram of Yamaha G-1 golf car that consists of CDI magneto, ignition coil, fuse, battery, starter generator, relay, voltage regulator, CDI unit, relay, back buzzer, stop switch, main switch, etc.

see the circuit diagram of Yamaha G-1 golf car here

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