Chevrolet Wiring Diagram V8 1959 Electrical System

If you have vintage chevy 1959 Impala, Belair or Biscayne which have 8 cylinder, here wiring diagram electric system for those 1959 Chevrolet. Basically, 1959 Chevrolet engine and chassis electrical system same as 1958. But several improvement made for better performance. The 9 plate, 53 ampere hour battery used in 1958 remains the regular production battery in 1959 for all models except those equipped with the 348 cubic inch V-8 engines.

1959 chevrolet wiring diagram impala convertible

For 1959 models, Chevrolet built this resistor into the starter wiring harness in the form of higher resistance wire. You know, since 1955, Chevrolet use 12 volt electrical system for smoother running and performance of high compression engines. More voltage is available for such auxiliaries such as air conditioning, heaters and fans plus engines just start quicker during cold weather. And for details, you can view wiring diagram chevrolet 1959 V8 here


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