Cherokee CBS-2100 Wiring Diagram of the Electrical System

This is CBS 2100 Cherokee citizen band transceiver which is designed with frequency range of 24.965-27.405MHz and 40channels. This CB radio has dual mode for AM or SSB, WITH 4W power output for AM, 12 W for SSB. Here we have Cherokee CBS-2100 wiring diagram of the internal electrical system of this device with complete parts positioning information. This wiring diagram shows components connection with voltage direction information from power supply unit to all components. Cherokee CBS-2100 wiring diagram is also completed with components serial number to provide reliable technical data during the maintenance. It consists of power supply unit, jumper PCB, DC input, PA tone circuit, frequency counter, display drive PCD, headphone, PA mode switch, lever switch board, meter PCB, mike, CD board I CD board II, etc. Cherokee CBS-2100 wiring diagram also explains cable color coding information written in alphabetical symbol to avoid electrical failure which might cause system malfunction.

see Cherokee CBS-2100 Wiring Diagram here

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