Charging System Wiring Diagram of 1987 Dodge Shadow

This is the 1987 Dodge Shadow a compact sedan which is designed by Dodge with 2-door and 4-door models. This vehicle is equipped with 2.2 L turbocharged I4 – 170 hp (127 kW) and 175 lb.ft (237 N.m) of torque engine for excellent driving performance. Here is charging system wiring diagram of 1987 Dodge Shadow which is presented with black and white configuration. This wiring diagram shows internal components positioning on the vehicle’s charging system and the connection of each parts connected through wires. 1987 Dodge Shadow charging system wiring diagram provides components serial numbers which can be very useful during the maintenance process to create reliable technical data. This charging system wiring diagram is consisting of battery, fusible link, body ground, fan motor, radiator, engine ground, starter system, hazard flasher, heated rear window switch, etc. please pay attention on voltage direction information on this charging system wiring diagram showing with arrow. Any modification on components positioning might cause electrical failure on vehicle charging system.

see Charging System Wiring Diagram here

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