CB 450 Wiring Diagram of the Electrical System

Honda CB 450 is classis motorcycle manufactured by Honda with 445cc twin, four-stroke engine. This motorcycle is claimed to produce 45hp@9000 rpm power output and 171km/h top speed performance. CB 450 is also integrated with DOHC fuel control and 5-speed manual transmission for optimal acceleration performance. Here is CB 450 wiring diagram which is presented in colorized electrical configuration to provide simple readability technical data. CB 450 wiring diagram is dedicated to provide excellent guidance during the motorcycle’s electrical system maintenance. It consists of components positioning with parts connection information. Since it is presented win colorized configuration, the technician can easily understand the wire connection to avoid electrical configuration failure. CB 450 wiring diagram is consisting of ignition switch, turn signal switch, front brake switch, turn signal relay, spark plugs, headlight control switch, headlight, left front turn signal right front turn signal, selenium rectifier, start switch, dimmer switch, voltage regulator, neutral switch, alternator, right rear turn signal left rear turn signal , etc. All the components on CB 450 wiring diagram are powered by battery power source.

see CB 450 Wiring Diagram here

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