Catalina C27 Wiring Diagram of Complete Internal Electric Systems

This is Catalina C27 sailing boat wiring diagram which explains the internal electrical system of this boat. Catalina C27 wiring diagram is divided into 4: the first is electric instrument panel with tachometer; the second is electric instrument panel less tachometer, Motorola alternator solid-state regulator, and 3 unit instrument panel. Catalina C27 wiring diagram of electric instrument panel with tachometer is consisting of tachometer, temperature gauge, blower switch, engine harness, extension harness, ammeter, lamp term boat. Catalina C27 electric instrument panel without tachometer is consisting of extension harness, temp.gauge, engine harness, blower switch, oil gauge, ammeter, etc. Motorola alternator solid-state regulator wiring diagram is consisting of coil, distributor, spark plugs, alternator, regulator, alternator output, battery, starting motor solenoid,etc. The 3 unit instrument panel is consisting of ignition switch, ammeter, oil tube, oil pressure, etc. All the wiring diagrams described are completed with parts positioning and cable color coding in alphabetical symbols. It also has voltage direction explanation to bring excellent guidance during maintenance process and avoid any electrical failure during the boat performance.

see Catalina C27 Wiring Diagram here

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