Car Audio Coaxial Speaker System Wiring Diagram

coaxial speaker car audio wiring diagram

This is wiring diagram and installation instruction for coaxial speaker system for your cars. The provided cable harness is color coordinated to aid proper connection of crossovers to speakers; wire colors should match speaker terminal tab colors. For amplifier to crossover connection, we suggest using a minimum of 16 gauge (ideally 12 gauge) premium cable. The connectors provided with this system will accommodate wire from 12 gauge to 16 gauge. The bolt hole configuration will fit a variety of standard American, Asian and European OEM patterns making it ideal for direct replacement. Best performance is achieved when the speaker is securely mounted to a door panel or rear deck. There should be no gaps between the speaker and the mounting surface, as this will impair its low frequency performance. Be certain that both the panel and the speaker are securely mounted to prevent unwanted vibration. Full wiring and instruction here.

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