Canon L1000 Wiring Diagram the Heavy Duty Facsimile

Canon L1000 Facsimile unit is a high performance product that is well manufactured by Canon to provide excellent functionality on business of office application. This product is supported with sophisticated technology to create excellent performance on its application. Canon L1000 is designed for heavy duty application and is able to create high-volume faxing through FX-6 cartridge which is very efficient. Canon L1000 facsimile has innovative high-resolution laser technology with dual –access option doubles faxing power performance. With its super G3 modem L1000 allows direct internet connection and instant data sending that is amazing. Here is Canon L1000 wiring diagram that consists of the explanation of L1000 internal parts to provide comprehensive service guidance. Canon L1000 wiring diagram is very useful during maintenance/service process. Canon L1000 wiring diagram consists of sensor board, contact sensor, read motor, LCD, modular, NCU, PSU connection, etc.

see Canon L1000 wiring diagram here

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