Buffer Box Schematic Diagram of Hex Array Power/Filtering System

This is Hex Array station buffer box schematic diagram which consists of station-side power or filtering schematic components. This buffer box schematic diagram has 120 VAC capacity which is transformed into 29Volts DC. This buffer box schematic diagram is very useful to create information which is requires on the Hex array configuration process. This station buffer box schematic describes the internal components inside the filtering box with clear parts positioning and voltage capacity required by each component. It is also describes information on voltage direction from on part to another and the connection of each component. This station buffer box schematic is consisting of maxim 232 chip, LM350 regulator, 4-pin connector, DB-9 female, on/off switch, bridge, transmit lockout, 5 VDC mini SPDT relay, LED, etc. This schematic diagram shows the voltage output/input complete with voltage capacity requires during the filtration process. LM350 regulator creates +VDC which powers the Maxim 232 chip and transmit lockout relay circuitry. The Maxim 232 chip functions as an isolation buffer between the PC serial port and array. Station buffer box wiring diagram offers fixed electrical configuration on hex array filtration process thus reparation of modification process should be based on this diagram to avoid static discharge or electrical malfunction.

see hex array buffer box schematic diagram here

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