BSA C 15 Simplified 12 Volt Wiring Diagram

This is BSA C 15 that was also called star and known as the first 4-stroke unit construction motorcycle produced by BSA during 1958-1967. This motorcycle was equipped with 4-stroke 247cc OHV single cylinder and integrated with 4-speed chain drive transmission that was able to produce 15bhp@5000rpm max. power output. The engine had an iron barrel and alloy head with overhead valves operated by pushrods which ran in a separate tube to fully enclosed rockers. The C15 also had a completely redesigned frame and the 250 cc C15 engine also exploited an advantage of being the biggest capacity motorcycle a learner rider in the UK could use before passing a motorcycle driving test. Here is the BSA C 15 simplified 12 volt wiring diagram that consists of lighting switch, alternator, ammeter, zener diode, 12 volt battery, horn, horn button, ignition coil, condenser, contact breaker, rectifier, etc.

see BSA C 15 simplified 12 volt wiring diagram here

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