Brenell’s Mini-8 Little Eight Tack Digital Tape Counter Circuit Diagram

This is Mini 8 that was manufactured by Brenell in cooperation with Allen and Heath on 1976. Mini 8 was claimed as the greatest little eight-track in the world since it was designed with revolutionary compact design and potential of a professional studio deck. Mini 8 was integrated with self centering NAB hubs, logic control, and vari-speed facility to provide optimal reliability during its application. This little-eight track was constructed with new, rigid cast alloy deck plate and indirect motor drive to create durability and excellent performance. Here is mini-8 digital tape counter circuit diagram that consists of ns8 7882 display, ztx 107B, 7805, 7474, 7400a, 7400b, 7400c, reset switch, zn 1040e, resistors, ¼ w carbon film, etc.

see mini-8 digital tape counter circuit diagram here

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