BMW R80 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

This is BMW R80 motorcycle which is designed for optimal performance riding experience with strong body construction. It has 797cc, two cylinders, four stroke to produce 50hp@ 6500rpm added by 5-speed manual transmission for excellent acceleration performance. Here we have BMW R80 wiring diagram which consists of internal electrical system of this motorcycle. It explains components positioning and parts identification in simple readability configuration. BMW R80 wiring diagram also describes voltage direction from one component to another supported with cable color coding written in alphabetical symbols. All components in BMW R80 wiring diagram are powered by battery power source connected through wires. It consists of air solenoid, fuel solenoid, starter motor, generator, ignition trigger, starter relay, connector for additional instrument, horn switch, indicator switch, regulator, ignition and lighting switch, indicator relay, light relay, engine stop switch, clutch switch, oil pressure switch, ignition coil ,etc.

see BMW R80 Wiring Diagram here

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