BMW R65 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Motorcycle is always become interesting topic to discuss and we usually talk about the body design or the engine specification of the motorcycle. This is BMW R 65 which is designed by BMW with naked bike style and equipped with 650cc engine capacity to provide excellent riding performance. Here is electrical system information on BMW R 65 that can be very useful during the maintenance process. BMW R65 electrical wiring diagram shows the internal components of the motorcycle electrical system and the connection of each part. It is also completed with voltage direction which is powered by battery power source connected to whole components through wires. BMW R65 electrical wiring diagram also explains the color key information of the cables used in the diagram. BMW R 65 electrical wiring diagram is consisting of battery, clutch switch, starter relay, high beam headlamp switch, indicator switch, horn switch, lighting switch, horn, RH front indicator, LH front indicator, voltmeter, clock, parking lamps, headlamp, fuses, generator, regulator, starter motor, LH rear indicator, tail/stop lamps, rh rear indicator, rear brake lamp switch, neutral switch, oil pressure switch, control unit, ignition trigger, spark plugs, indicator relay, light relay, starter switch, engine stop switch, front lamp brake switch, ignition switch, etc. This BMW R 65 electrical wiring diagram is also completed with alphabetical symbol to provide clear information on parts identification.

see BMW R 65 electrical wiring diagram here

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