BMW E46 Wiring Diagram with CPT8000 Application

European cars has different styling with American’s but still it shines exclusive touch as modern transportation unit. BMW is one of European car manufacturer which has excellent reputation for its reliability engine performance with elegant body styling. The BMW E46 is the fourth generation of the 3 Series compact executive cars produced by BMW, produced from 1998 when it succeeded the BMW E36 until it was replaced by the BMW E90 in 2005. Here we have BMW E46 wiring diagram which describes the internal circuit system of the vehicle with CPT8000 application. This wiring diagram has cable color information in alphabetical symbol with mayday switch information in separated column. BMW E46 wiring diagram also describes color abbreviation information to avoid wrong cable connection which may leads to electrical failure. BMW E46 wiring diagram is consisting of TCU system, 26 pin ELO X695, 18 pin ELO X45-45B, eject box A 117, time port hands of 10 10 43, compensator cable, call card wiring, MIC, vehicle audio, etc. It is important to notice that some wires color may be different than shown due to manufacturing variation.

see BMW E46 Wiring Diagram here

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