BMW 740i Circuit Diagram of the Vehicle Defogger System

This is 1995 BMW 740i circuit diagram which explains the defogger system of this vehicle with complete parts positioning and connection description. BMW 740i circuit diagram is dedicated to provide optimal guidance during maintenance process to avoid any electrical failure caused by wrong configuration. 1995 BMW 740i comes in 4-door saloon body style with 4.0L V8 petrol engine that produces 282HP power output and 295lb-ft max. torque. BMW 740i circuit diagram is consisting of fuse box, driver’s seat lumbar support switch, driver’s seat lumbar support valve block, driver’s side lumbar support pressure switch, driver’s lumbar support motor, etc. This circuit diagram also describes cable color code information and voltage direction explanation which is very useful during maintenance process. It is important to notice that BMW 740i circuit diagram is only suitable to BMW 740i defogger system. It is not suitable to other variants, and any modification on the electrical configuration may cause electrical problem to the vehicle defogger system.

see BMW 740i Circuit Diagram here

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